you love your guitar but you have no idea what all those faders, knobs, and buttons do

you're bored of sterile digital recordings

you like to play really soft and loud as well

you need an engineer who understands jazz and instrumental music

you'd rather not pay $90/hr for an engineer to send your tunes through the digital-dishwasher

you want all that shiny boutique gear without boutique prices


~HM3 (fusion trio)

~Plow (bluegrass)

~Rosy Dawn (vocals)

~Leonard Patton (vocals)

~Pacific Sounds Brass Quintet

~The Edward Kornhauser Trio
~Besos De Coco (chamber jazz)
~Benjamin Wanicur Trio
~Dusty Brough (guitar)
~Danny Green Trio
~Charlie Arbelaez (saxophone)
~The Black Sands
~Ensemble Off n On (jazz)
~Natasha Kozali (singer-songwriter)
~John Reynolds Quintet
~Matt Smith Neu Jazz Trio
~Nathan Jarrell (guitar)

~Tokeli (singer-songwriter)
~Cami Smith (violin)
~Davida Price (singer-songwriter)
~The Lion and the Lady
~Kaiser Permanente
~Schneider Family Services
~SD School of Creative & Performing Arts
~Canyon Crest Academy High School


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