We take the audition process very seriously, as we’ve been through it personally multiple times! Our past clients have had the good fortune of being admitted to Julliard, USC, Berklee College of Music, Essentially Ellington, All Southern Honor Band, CSU Northridge, and many other workshops and colleges.

Audition Tape Audtion Tape Plus Video The Simple Solution

The Audition Tape

This is a full multitrack studio setup. Record like the professionals do. The Audition Tape is the best option for group auditions or drumset auditions. The Audition Tape includes a four-hour studio session and up to four hours of mixing/editing.

1-5 songs at $350, 6-9 songs at $550.

The Audition Tape + Video

More and more colleges now require video submissions. This gives the judges a better overview of the performance and an idea of your stage presence. Video for auditions is done using a 2K GoPro setup with a tripod shot. Audition committees want a very honest, single-cam shot, and this works beautifully. The wider angle of the GoPro allows an intimate view of the performer, especially for instruments like drums or piano. Video audition prices include extra setup time and editing time (see Audition FAQ for more info).

1-5 songs at $500, 6-9 songs at $700

The Simple Solution

Isn’t my phone recording good enough? Often, the answer is no. Although phones and digital recorders are handy for taping rehearsal or live shows, they contain cheap preamplifiers, even cheaper microphones, and sub-standard digital conversion. This all adds up to a drastic reduction in the harmonic detail and dynamics you want to hear in a critical recording. For those on a budget, or for auditions where a full studio setup is overkill, we do offer stereo recording using quality condenser microphones and high-speed preamps with frequencies extending into the 200kHz range. This allows for capturing the natural sound of your instrument on a relatively simple setup. The Simple Solution works best for soloists or duos only. For full band (jazz/rock/chamber music) auditions, see The Audition Tape. The Simple Solution includes up to four hours of recording.

1-5 songs at $225, 6-9 songs at $350.

Audition recordings are tracked live (no overdubs) at Rarefied Recording (see Studios page).

Have something else in mind? We're available to record on-location, and can arrange multi-cam video shoots.

Audition FAQ: How to have a successful audition recording