Dirty Boulevard is happy to offer analog summing for artists that find it unnecessary to buy outboard gear or invest in a console. Now any artist or producer can add analog punch to their tracks. We'll mix your stems on our modified Soundcraft console, which features an incredibly wide soundstage and crosstalk specs in excess of -90dB. Our hybrid approach retains the full detail and depth of your mix, and will avoid the "mushy" sound of mixing in-the-box. Unlike popular, low-cost “analog summing boxes,” summing on a full console allows each track to be panned individually instead of resorting to pre-mixed stereo stems.

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The summed mix is very transparent; we will not attempt to enhance or remix your audio. This is about combining your stems into a stereo mix while maintaining the integrity of the soundstage and avoiding the dull sound of mixing on a DAW.

We can add our US built SSL bus compressor on your stereo mix. The iconic G-Comp sound adds punch and retains the 3D quality of the mix. You'll receive a printed mix with and without bus compression. If you previously had a mastering chain or any processing on your master bus, save your settings and apply them when you receive our mix.



Pro Tools users: Align all tracks to zero in the timeline and use the 'Commit' command from the Track menu to bounce each track in place.

Important: Be sure to include the options for 'Consolidate Clips' and 'Volume and Mute' (this way all your tracks will be at the proper level on our mixer).

Please zip the whole Pro Tools session including audio and session file prior to sending.

Logic and other DAWs: Render all your stems with effects and automation (make sure all tracks align to zero), and send them to us with a text file including the desired pan settings (i.e. '0', '25L', '100R'). Don't forget to render reverb and effects busses too.



We offer re-amping with Egnater, Fender, and Orange amps. Re-amped material can be returned to you as a variety of different tracks, including different mics/mic positions/amps. 



Send us your unprocessed tracks and we'll mix your song from the ground-up. Mixing includes any necessary editing, and we will tune your vocal/instrumental tracks when needed. Your mix will be summed out-of-the-box on our Soundcraft console and returned to you in high-res .wav and .mp3 formats.

Email for pricing (rates for up to 24 tracks or 25-70 tracks).

Extensive production, vocal editing, and tuning is charged per-hour.