mixing console:

soundcraft DELTA8

  • 24 preamps with four-band british eqs

  • total of 40 inputs at mix

  • master section and two input channels modified by Audio Upgrades

  • upgraded and rebult power supply




  • pro tools 12 on a 12-core Mac Pro with antelope orion and apogee rosetta 800 converters

  • 1953 revere mono ¼” tape recorder



  • waves platinum

  • waves CLA classic compressors

  • waves API collection

  • waves kramer master tape

  • waves fairchild compressor

  • waves tg12345 eq and channel strip

  • waves helios eq

  • auto-align

  • iZotope RX plugin pack

  • sound toys little alterboy

  • massey L2007

  • etc


  • AKG C414 b-uls

  • AKG D190E

  • sennheiser 421-II

  • beyerdynamic m160

  • beyerdynamic m88tg x2

  • beyerdynamic (revox) m3500 x2

  • shure SM7b

  • shure SM57 x2

  • shure beta 98 x2

  • audio-technica 4033

  • audio-technica atm-450 x2

  • audio-technica pro-37R

  • octava mk319 x2

  • MCA  SP1 (Audio Upgrades ) x2 ​


outboard preamps:

  • sytek MPX-4Aii w/burr-brown

  • fmr really nice preamp

  • studio technologies mic-preeminence (Audio Upgrades)

  • radial JDI direct box

outboard processors:

  • ssl G-series compressor by audio-scape

  • dbx 160x (US made with Jensen transformers) x2

  • fmr rnc compressor

  • fmr rnla leveling amp

  • pigtronix keymaster (reamping etc)

  • strymon el capistan tape delay

  • more looping and delay pedals

  • funky old alesis reverb boxes



  • 1973 fender rhodes mkI piano

  • 1960s gretch/slingerland kit with bosphorus cymbals

  • egnater ‘tweaker’ tube guitar amp and 1x12 cabinet

  • fender and orange amps available on request

  • a variety of acoustic guitars (hoffner archtop, '68 guild D-40), banjo, ukulele



  • gopro in 2k or 4k

  • mulit-cam dslr video setups available on request – call for rates

We try to keep this list up to date. Feel free to contact us regarding specific mics or instruments for your session.